Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Did You Brush Your Skin Today?

This a one of the best things you can add to your routine each day.  I dry skin brushed for years and it does the body good.

We wake each morning and brush our teeth, shower and wash our hair.  Many of us exfoliate our facial skin to get rid of dry dead skin and keep the glow shining through. But have you ever thought about exfoliating your whole body?  It's very simple. 

You buy a natural bristle brush, preferably one with a handle to reach your back.  They are inexpensive and can be purchased at any drug store or Walmart. 

Once a day for about two minutes you DRY brush your skin. Starting at the soles of your feet. Brush towards your heart always. Pay special attention to areas behind knees, groin and underarms as those are lymphatic areas. Brush palms of your hands and arms going towards the heart.  Avoid breasts as the brush will be too harsh on that area. You may use a softer bristle brush there.  Once you have brushed your whole body, shower or bath. This is great first thing in the morning before your shower.

Try dry skin brushing for two weeks, and I will bet you feel and see the difference!  There are many benefits to brushing your skin dry:
Exfoliates - you remove all the dead skin cells that have built up and expose beautiful new skin underneath.  You will also absorb your body lotion better once the dead skin is gone.
Cellulite - works wonders making cellulite disappear by increasing blood flow and circulation. 

Stretch marks will become less noticeable. 

Releases toxins from the lymphatic system by brushing those areas under the arm, groin and behind knees. 

If you would love to have beautiful healthy skin, start dry brushing!  
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