Thursday, July 4, 2013

How to Find Everlasting Love

Yesterday I watched a couple, they were holding hands as they walked through the store. The wife would pick something up of interest and ask her husband what he thought. He would respond and they both giggled liked school kids. It was so cute.  They would touch each others arm when they spoke. The husband would growl a little about something and his wife just waved the comment away with a smile.

I asked a coworker about them and I was told they had been married for seventy years.  Seventy years! That's a long time and they still cared very deeply about each other. How does that happen?  Well I'm sure it didn't just happen. There was probably a lot of work involved, some compromise, forgiveness and acceptance. 

Relationships are quite different these days. The divorce rate is high. Why such a change?  Is it because couples grow apart while raising the kids and lose sight of each other as people; do we get caught up in our careers and forget what's important at home or is it just too easy to get a divorce these days and building a long lasting relationship is too hard. 

A friend of mine says she and her husband have a date night once a month.  No matter what else is going on, that one night a month they go out together, alone, no children or friends.  They spend the whole evening doing something together that they both enjoy. 

Another friend says her and her husband never go to bed mad at each other.  Regardless of what happened they always hug and kiss each other before bed. 
A male friend says that he and his wife have a fantastic relationship.  The kids are gone and they are happy, in love and accepting of each other.  He said that couples tend to think a relationship is a 50-50 deal.  They can't be 50-50, someone has to give a little more at different times and someone may take a little more at times.  Don't make everything a battle of the wills.  You loved each other when you decided to get married, find what you fell in love with and work with that.
What do you think keeps a couple together?  Do you think we are taking the easy way out when we don't get our own way?  Do you have tips for strengthening our relationship?  Have you been married for years and have some advice?  I'd love to hear what you're thinking.
"A successful marriage requires falling in love, many times, always with the same person"
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