Tuesday, July 2, 2013

You Can Have It All!

Ok, so you want it all.  You see other women who have it all, right? What do you think IT ALL is? Being supermom, looking like a supermodel, living in the lap of luxury, while you head up a major corporation pulling in a six figure income?  Really???? Ok, hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.  That description of having it all is just a dream.

Take a look at someone you think has it all because she has the six figure income, living in the mansion, and her servants.   Does she really it all?  There is price to pay for great wealth, unless your inherit it.  To be rich (monetary), you have to work hard and that usually means you haven't made time for a spouse or children. Would you be happy being rich, but nobody to share it with?  Or maybe you have made a success out of something but in the journey neglected your spouse or children. 

Oh and look like that super model or celebrity! She has it all! Or does she?  Living a life with the public eye on you each and everyday.  Being judged on your weight or looks, and on top of that everything you do.  There is a price to pay for that lifestyle also.  Would you want to change places with these women?  Remember, its pretty tough to have to be consumed with staying thin and pretty all the time!  Your every move is splattered on every magazine cover.

You may see the mom who's home all day, her house is spotless and she's the supermom at your child's school.  Wow, now she's got it all!  She doesn't do anything all day.  Must be nice, and it is for those that can financially afford to be home with their children.  Some women will sacrifice the finer things in life to be there for her family.  Maybe she doesn't have it all either.  Struggling financially is hard on people and can cause a lot of problems with the marriage.  Again, does she really have it all?

Perfection is a myth, and nobody can have it all.  Don't get me wrong, you can have a nice balance between your career, kids, and spouse which is very fulfilling.  I truly believe having it all is being happy in the life you live.  Live your best life, give yourself a break, life is short and be very grateful.

So ladies, do you have it all?  Do you believe you can have it all?  What do you think it all is?

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