Sunday, July 7, 2013

Get off the Fence

Ok so I'm on the fence about something that could make a positive impact on my life.

It has been on my mind for several days now, I even think about it when I wake up at night. 

What if I get off on the wrong side of the fence?  Is there a wrong side?  On one side I have the "same old" and I continue living life as I have been.  It's not a terrible place but its not a fulfilling place either. On the other side I see the possibility of a better, happier life. Although that is a little intimidating because its a whole new ball game over there.  The fear if failing and wishing I hadn't jumped off the fence so quickly.  

So here's what I have learned:  you can sit in the fence while life passes by and rather quickly, I might add. Or you can go back to life as usual, staying in your comfort zone. OR you can jump off that fence onto new territory, take the challenge to make a happy and fulfilling life for yourself.  

I challenge everyone sitting up on that fence to get down, plant both feet firmly and start walking towards that goal you want to reach.  You will never know how happy or fulfilled you can be if you don't try.  
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